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Navigating the Digital Collection

Thank you for visiting the TCC Archives Digital Collection! The Archives are part of the Library system here at TCC. Our goal in creating this digital collection is to provide a wide variety of historical items pertaining to the College in a variety of mediums since it's inception in 1970.

As you go through this site, you will have the opportunity to browse by both items and collections. You will also have the ability to search by tags. Once you decide on a collection, please click on the title of the collection. You will then be able to click on "View Items in the Collection." On the record page for specific items, you will see information pertaining to the item. The top of each page contains the file for the record.  You can click on the item to view or play it, and you also have the ability to make any video or image file full screen for better viewing.

You can also view all items that are associated with different tags.  For example, if you go to an item record and click on "1960s" in the tag area, your results will include all items in the collection that have been assigned that tag.  Currently, there are 92 different tags to choose from.

From all of us at the TCC Library, thank you for visiting our digital collection!