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The COVID-19 Journal Exhibit

In the fall of 2020, several students in English classes across the College wrote about their experiences living and learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  This digital exhibit showcases their work and their stories!

The Climbing Jacob's Ladder Digital Exhibit


Welcome to the Climbing Jacob's Ladder Digital Exhibit! This exhibit focuses on a Smithsonian Exhibit that was loaned to Tulsa Junior College in 1992 entitled, "Climbing Jacob's Ladder: The Rise of the Black Church in Eastern American Cities." This exhibit ran in conjunction with a similar exhibit entitled "Oklahoma: Where East Meets West, The Role of the Black Church in the Development of Oklahoma." The following pages will include a video documentary, transcriptions, an interview with the person that brought the exhibit to TJC, manuscripts, and a scrapbook that covers the history of this amazing exhibit!

TCC's 50th Anniversary


It is with great excitement we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tulsa Community College! This digital exhibit focuses on the rich history of what began as Tulsa Junior College and later became Tulsa Community College. Built through the vision of just four Presidents as a ‘College for all,’ TCC has grown from approximately 3,000 students in 1970 to serving more than 23,000 students in 2020!

The photos in this digital exhibit are from the 50th Anniversary Exhibit at the Tulsa Historical Society & Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The exhibit closed August 2020.

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