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Welcome to the TCC Archives and Digital Collection!  Below you will find information on all the people that have worked on this project 

Andy K. Taylor, MLIS - Librarian, Archivist, and Project Lead

Andy is the Knowledge Management Librarian for the the TCC Libraries.  His position with the College inclued the areas of archives, records management, and knowledge management.  He has been working for the last few years on the clean-up, orgainization, and digital presence of the Archives at TCC.  This has included the building of the digital collection for the College.  He will continue adding items and exhibits to the collection, and he will also be working with other departments and outside firms in preparation for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the College.

Tammy Harris, MHR - Library Assistant II and Digitization Specialist

When I began working on this project, there was still a lot of work to be done as far as sorting and organizing items in the physical space of the Heritage Center. As Andy and I sorted the items, we began getting ideas for the categories for the collection as a whole. We had thousands of items to weed through and organize. Once we decided on the six collections we wanted to start with, we weeded and resorted again, and then I began the digitization process of the project. I began digitizing items in July of 2015. I have digitized all of the documents and photos that you see in the collection. I have digitized over 1500 documents thus far.

Bob Holzmann, MBA - Systems & Digital Technologies Librarian

I became involved back in the summer of 2012 when Omeka was picked as the system to use for the TCC Heritage Collection, and am the only remaining person from that original team. I have served as the technical person to get the software and database installed on a server that is a publically accessible website, and technically assist with the server and the software when for problems and updates as needed, I have also been involved, along with Bill Laignel, in the use of various vintage equipment and digitization software and hardware and developing a process to digitize the analog audio and video content of the collection in an ANSI standard format that would be acceptable for archival preservation and online use, even as the original media was deteriorating and now stored in special acid-free boxes. Working with Andy since 2013 and also Elizabeth since 2016, in these last project phases, we are involved in creating use-copies of the archived digital files for use in Omeka that will stream efficiently on a wide range of computers and networks, creating some software customizations to improve and brand our Omeka web pages, and continuing to maintain the system being used.

Elizabeth Szkirpan, MLIS - Cataloging and Metadata Librarian

Elizabeth Szkirpan is the Cataloging and Metadata librarian for Tulsa Community College. She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with degrees in Journalism-Marketing and a Masters of Library and Information Studies. Elizabeth is responsible for cataloging of TCC Archives' digital items.

William Laignel, AS in General Engineering and Computer Science, Library Assistant II and Digitization Specialist

Bill has been hard at work on the digital collection for the last year and half.  His work has included the digitization of a variety of electonic mediums including Umatic, VHS, .wmv files, MP4 and MP3 files, and a variety of other types.  His work has also included an amazing amount of audio/video work.  Bill is responsible for the digitization of the music files found in our collection as well as the production and improvement of the Philips Scrapbooks through the use of Adobe software.  Bill has also assisted in the digitization and capture of vinyl album covers that are used in visual displays in the digital collection.  Additionally, Bill specializes in Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Premiere, close captioning, and other digital assets.